Terms & Condition

Detlyfindia.com is dedicated to making purchasing and ordering products easy for our customers. We give our customers multiple methods for ordering and purchasing, so they may choose the method best suited for them. Also, we have a no minimum order amount.


Online Ordering

If your preferred method of ordering is online, all you have to do is simply add items to your virtual shopping cart by clicking the “Buy Now” button that is located next to each item. Your shopping cart consists of a list of all the items and quantities that you wish to purchase. When you have finished shopping, detlyfindia.com will lead you through a simple and secure checkout process.


Phone Ordering

We are committed to making ordering easy for you and if you prefer to place your order over the phone, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are ready to take your call. You can call us at +91-7004316054 / 9798875584 / 7992282191


Mail Ordering

If you prefer you may send your order by mail with a cheque. There is a 1 day hold on all cheques and orders will be shipped after payment is confirmed.

Payment Options We accept:
Cash on Delivery
Cheque Payment
Online Payment